Education homework help

Education homework help.

The goal of this assignment is to develop an understanding of additional information beyond
the Home Language Survey (HLS) that can enhance a teacher’s knowledge of their students who
are also language learners.
Funds of knowledge is a concept that refers to the knowledge and expertise present in families
and communities (Moll, Amanti, Neff & González, 1992). Scholars and educators have worked
to find connections between students’ funds of knowledge and school learning.
To develop the survey, LED 6565 students will review the MI Home Language Survey, reflect on
the course reading, and develop questions that are appropriate for the grade level or age of
students and content area they currently work in or plan on working with in the future. The
surveys should consist of 10 (undergraduate) to 15 (graduate) questions that are designed to
gain an understanding of: students’ linguistic knowledge, cultural knowledge, skills that they
have developed in their homes and communities, activities that they engage in at home, in their
community and or used to engage in with family in their country of origin, interests and/or
learning needs. The questions should not be overly personal and written in a format that is
encourages students to participate.
The survey should include the following:
•  fifteen questions,
• an overview on how the survey will be administered (conference, handout),
• specific type of information that was learned about the focal student through the
• at least three examples of how the information obtained from the survey will support
teaching and learning.
• Graduate students include at least two citations reflecting connections to course
• Use of APA format,4615,7-140-22709_40192—,00.html
  • attachment
  • attachment

Education homework help


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