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ECHD 250 Final Project
Emerging Issues and Contemporary Challenges in Early Childhood Special Education
You have been asked to give a 5-10 minute workshop on an emerging issue or contemporary challenge in Early Childhood Special Education.
In order to prepare for your presentation, you must research a current issue or challenge in the field of early childhood special education.
At a minimum, you must have three resources [NAEYC Young Child, Teaching Exceptional Children, or Exceptional Children are excellent places to find quality sources].
Your final project must include:
A one page paper about the topic/issue  This will be a clear statement of the issue. Be sure that this is understandable to someone who doesn’t know anything about the issue/challenge. If needed, define terms. To test your explanation – read it aloud, give it to a friend.  If you or he/she doesn’t understand, try again. (12 font, 1.5 spaced, 1-inch margins). References must be listed in APA format
A copy of your visual display [PP/Prezi/Homemade Video/Be Creative]
A copy of the handout that you would give to participants at the presentation


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