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Please note the error that was corrected on the project outline. The following changes were made (please accept my apology for the confusion):
The  Connecting Information Gathered From Families To Developmental Domains sheet (pg. 20) that was listed as a task for Part I- tasks 3, 4, and 5, was replaced with the Developmental Indicator Summary Sheet pg. 17. The Developmental Indicator Summary should be completed and submitted with the Cognitive, Language, and Social/Emotional observations. Most of you already submitted the Developmental Indicator for the Cognitive Observation. However, the outline posted did not have that information listed for the next two observations (an error made on my part).
Therefore, please go back and complete this form for the Cognitive (if you did not) and Language Observation.
When we get to Part II, you will complete the Connecting Information Gathered from Families to Developmental Domains (if you have not already). I am increasing* the submission attempts to allow you to submit this part.
In addition, I am realizing that a little more guidance is needed on the observation tasks. I would like to have a meeting in Microsoft Teams on Monday at 12:30 and again at 6:30 (I will post the link in the module 11) for anyone who needs support on their observation documents, particularly writing anecdotal notes from a running record. I am going to extend the due dates for these observations as follows so that you can have time to complete and resubmit updated documents:
Cognitive Observation due by Wednesday, 10/28@11:59 p.m.
Language Observation due by Friday, 10/30@11:59 p.m.
Social/Emotional Observation due by Sunday, 11/1@11:59 p.m.
In addition, once you receive feedback in grades regarding your submissions, I will allow you to resubmit updated pieces in a brand new attempt (*ALL documents MUST be resubmitted as a new attempt if you make any changes or updates as this will help me to grade only what  you intend to submit). There may be a function in Blackboard to remove previous attempts on your end. If you would like for me to remove any of your attempts so that your intended submission stands out, email me with the exact specifics of the name of the observation assignment and the attempt(s) you want removed/cleared. 
I have also attached the updated version of the outline with some other minor changes such as fonts and bolding.
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