Education homework help

Education homework help.  
Post 1
Read: Chapter 2
Chin, J. L. & Trimble, J. E. (2015). Diversity and leadership. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.
Discussion: 1

  1. Discuss the difference between global and diverse leadership.
  2. Identify instances of multicultural incompetence that you may have observed in the leadership within different organizations.


Post 2

Read: Chapter 3
Chin, J. L. & Trimble, J. E. (2015). Diversity and leadership. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.
Discussion: 2

  1. How do race, ethnicity, and gender of a leader influence the exercise of leadership?
  2. Distinguish between paternalistic and maternalistic styles of leadership; what cultural factors would have to be in place for one or the other styles to work effectively?


Post 3

Read: Chapter 4
Chin, J. L. & Trimble, J. E. (2015). Diversity and leadership. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.
Discussion: 3

  1. What is leader identity and how does it interface with our other social identities?
  2. Some leaders walk a fine line between being openly visible and quietly invisible about their identities. Discuss the question: Do you bring all of yourself to work? Discuss why or why not.

Assignment 1 – Case Study
A case study can be described as express a “problem that needs to be addressed or… a story of success that has to be shared and publicized…[and can be related to] a single individual, group or any other entity but it can carry the power of representing facts of a whole area” (fundsforngos, 2012, para. 1).
Identify a case study article associated with a diversity issues within an organization or institution. You should identify an article applicable to issues similar to your individual work setting. If you are switching careers, it is recommended you apply your course work to that specific setting. The assignment should be divided into three sections: (a) research and identify the article…providing a rationale as to why the article was chosen, (b) the case study analysis, and (c) the application to organizational leadership and recommendations/conclusions.
Background, data included in the article, and other information related to the case should be provided in your assignment. Do not present the solution to the problem within the case itself, but provide your suggestions at the end of the case.
This paper should have a minimum of 5-7 current scholarly references to support your findings and should be 8 – 10 pages in length (not including cover page, Table of Contents, or Reference Page).
Additional sources to assist with Assignment 1:
How to write a Case Study – A Guide for NGOs: (fundsforngos, 2012) (Links to an external site.)
How to Analyze a Case Study (Pearson, 2010) (Links to an external site.)
Making a Business Case for Change Management (Prosci, n.d.) (Links to an external site.)

Assignment 1 Rubric – 20 points
Content 10 points
Writing/Grammar 6 points
APA/Format 4 points
Total 20


Education homework help


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