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Education homework help. Implementing Strategies
Module 5: Implementing Strategies
This week you will continue your Individual Guidance Plan Case Study by looking more closely at a child’s challenging behavior and now the strategies you can use to support the child’s needs and development.
NOTE: This week’s assignment should include at least one resource to substantiate your point of view. This resource can come from the course, the Rasmussen College Library or credible websites (Wikipedia, and blogs are not considered credible websites). Incorporate your resource into your paper using in-text citations and a reference page in APA format.
In your analysis this week, consider each of the following behaviors and the age category provided. Choose two behaviors from the age of your fictional child. Choose two different behaviors than from the previous project assignment. For each of the behaviors you chose, explain how you would see these behaviors shown by your child and how you, as the child’s teacher in their program, would work through the situation. Be sure to consider the following in your analysis.
For each behavior you chose, consider the following in your paper of 2-3 pages.
• Describe your child doing the behavior. How would you see it come alive? What would they say? What would they do? How would they interact with peers or with you as the teacher?
• What is happening in your child’s development which might be contributing to this behavior? What might they still need to learn or experience? Use support from your resources.
• Describe two interventions and strategies (2 for each behavior) for working through the situation in a developmentally appropriate manner. Describe each intervention or strategy separately and how it would or might affect the child. Include what you would say or do in detail.
• Include your reasoning for choosing the interventions and strategies with support from your resources.
Challenging Behavior for a 2 year-old child Challenging Behavior for a 4-year-old child
Biting Hitting or pinching
Cyring uncontrollably Screaming at others
Laying on other children Wrestling with others
Taking other children’s toys Destroying work or materials
Throwing toys and materials Disruptive to others at naptime
Be sure to include your reference in a reference page and use in-text citations where needed. Include a title page in APA Format. The paper length (2-3pages) does not include your reference page or title page.

Education homework help


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