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Module 5 Assignment Analyze Stragaties
For this assignment, begin by watching the two videos below:
Learning Environment: Guidance and Discipline (30min)
Teacher/Child Interaction: Guidance and Discipline (38min)
After watching the two videos, choose ONE of the three teachers featured in the video and use the information in the video and your course lesson content to write a 2 page paper analyzing the strategies they incorporated with the children.

  1. Describe the teacher chosen; include the teacher’s name, age group, how long they have been teaching and any other helpful information about them.
  2. What strategies and interventions did they employ with the children? Describe at least two strategies they used to work with the children which supports the children in learning guidance and discipline. What did the strategies intend to do? Did they work? How so?
  3. Were these strategies developmentally appropriate for the children? How do you know? Describe how you can determine if the strategy is developmentally appropriate. Be sure to use a credible resource to support your claims, such as the course lesson content and course resources.
  4. If you were the teacher in the classroom, which strategy would you have used to work with the same behaviors? Would you employ the same strategy as the teacher in the video or another? Outline your reasoning for your answer.



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