Education homework help

Education homework help. Preparing Students for the 21st Century
• Knowledge of Core subjects
• 21st Century Themes
• Learning and Innovation Skills:
• Information, Media, and Technology Skills
• Life and Career Skills
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National Educational Technology Standards
for Students
• Creativity and Innovation
• Communication and Collaboration
• Research and Information Fluency
• Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
• Digital Citizenship
• Technology Operations and Concepts
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Linking Educational Reform and Technology
• Newmann et al. (2001) found substantial gains for an
authentic learning approach in a student-centered
• Gains 20% greater than national average
• Students in a “teaching to the test approach” scored 25%
less in reading and 22% less in math than national
Newmann, F. M., Bryk, A. S., & Nagaoka, J. K. (2001). Authentic intellectual work and standardized tests: Conflict or coexistence?
Consortium on Chicago School Research. [On-line]. Available:
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Creating Open-Ended Learning Environments
• Open-ended learning environments
• Inquiry-based learning
• Problem-based learning
• Project-based learning
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Achieving Collaborative Learning
• The Social Nature of Learning
• Collaborative Versus Traditional Group Learning
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The NTeQ Philosophy
• The teacher is technologically competent and assumes the
roles of designer, manager, and facilitator.
• The student actively engages in the learning process,
assumes the role of researcher, and gains technologically
• The computer is used as a tool, as it is in the workplace, to
enhance learning through the use of real-world data to solve
• The lesson is student-centered, problem-based, and
authentic, and technology is an integral component
• The environment incorporates multiple resource-rich
Copyright © Pearson Education 2010
NTeQ and the Teacher
• Teacher uses computer as a learning tool
• Teacher is technologically competent
• Teacher is designer, facilitator, and classroom
Copyright © Pearson Education 2010
NTeQ and the Student
• Student is active learner
• Student is a researcher
• Student gains technological competence
Copyright © Pearson Education 2010
NTeQ and the Computer
• Computer is not the object of study
• Computer is a learning tool
• Computer is integral part of learning

Education homework help


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