>Electrical Engineering homework help

In approximately 150 words or less foreach question
1. why did you choose to attend your college or university
2. why did you choose electrical engineering major
3. what current activities outside class and work are you involved in (i.e leadership professional, organization etc). Answer:
SWE- Society of women Engineers
ASO- African student
NSBE- National Society of black Engineers
4. Why would you be interested in working for Honda
5. what are you expectation of a co-op assignment ? short term and long term
short-term expectations
long-term expectation
6. With what computer software application do you have experience – asnswer Advanced c++ coding Arduinocoding language , Microsoft excel spread sheet, Microsoft powerpoint presentation
7. do you have anything outstanding job offers with a specific deadline at this time. Answer- NO
8. If Honda were to extend you an offer when would you be available to start . Answer As soon as possible


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