Electronic Engineering homework help

Electronic Engineering homework help.

Consider the history of US energy in terms of development,  distribution, organization, and policy. The Environmental Protection  Agency has had a tremendous impact on industry with regard to  regulation. Indeed, the EPA was created for the purpose of protecting  the environment and human health by developing and enforcing regulations  based on laws passed by Congress.
Completion of this activity will help you satisfy the following module outcome:

  • MO1: Discuss the importance and role of regulatory bodies in the energy industry from the historical perspective. (CO1)


Write up a statement approximately 400 words describing the following:

  1. What brought about the need for the EPA in the United States?
  2. Name some of the contributions of the EPA since its inception in 1970.
  3. Why is it important to regulate industrial admissions?
  4. What are some of the methods used by industry to reduce harmful emissions?

Electronic Engineering homework help


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