Engineering homework help

Engineering homework help.

· Technical security expert supporting the development and sustainability of secure products and practices.
· Subject matter expert in application security delivering tactical mentorship and strategic consulting in terms of building a security-focused culture, secure development best-practices and application security awareness as well as contextualizing the threat landscape and associated risks for DML and its programs.
· An active and critical participant in the design and implementation of internal and external payment services and mentor others in these efforts (including creating user stories, secure code review, providing up-front and ongoing security consultation, reviewing and enabling testing efforts, etc.).
· Adaptive communication skills to influence cross functionally without direct authority, comfort speaking with customers and business partners at all levels.
· Motivated self-starter with an agility and ability to manage ambiguity, deal with and anticipate change while still meeting business objectives •Passion for great product design, security and usability.
· Experience with application threat modeling or other risk identification techniques • Current knowledge of security best practices, common exploits, and threat landscape • Understanding of Agile methodologies.
· Ability to build secure DevOps architecture patterns and provide guidance on how to develop secure applications and infrastructures.
· Strong understanding of Information Security, Authentication and Data Privacy within the domain of Digital Commerce including relevant practical experience.
· Demonstrated experience designing Secure multi-domain Internet facing applications.
· Knowledge of the security architecture of web-based network environments and secure communication between environments.
· Knowledge and technical security experience in Cryptography, including several of the following: PKI, Digital Certificates, SSL, Hashing, Encryption techniques, etc.
· Good understanding of Software Development especially related to secure coding best practices. Prior experience programming in Java is a plus.
· Experienced in mobile security architecture concepts, design, implementation along with Android and IOS is a plus

Engineering homework help


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