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Question 1: Emerging threats (250-300 words and 2 references)
Situational awareness. Much of the security efforts of the past have been centered around prevention and protection. The increasing sophistication of cyber attacks have shown that no controls are 100% effective, and some compromises do occur. There is a rising realization that in addition to considering prevention and protection, controls that address detection and response are necessary to improve security posture.
Please describe how situational awareness is a driver for detection and response controls.
how situational awareness is a driver for detection and response controls.  
Question2: Security-Cryptography (300 Words and 3 scholarly articles)
Textbook: Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practices, Fourth Edition By William Stallings
Evaluate the role of a digital certificate in cryptography.  How does it impact the security posture of an organization?

  1. Imagine for a moment that during the heat of a United States presidential election campaign, one of the candidates openly admitted that he or she was an atheist. What do you think would happen to their campaign? How do you think voters around the United States would react? Is religious faith a necessary job criterion to be the president? Using the skills you have learned from your textbook, consider what your answers to these questions say about the interplay between politics, power, and religion in the United States.

Write an essay on the role of cultural power and religious faith as expressed by the president of the United States of America. Post your essay to your class’s online forum. After reading your fellow classmates’ essays, start a discussion about what you think the connection between the president and religion should be. (300 Words)

  1. After considering the role of culture in systems of health and healing, carefully reread the section “Multiple Systems of Healing” This section relates the tragic incidents of miscommunication between doctors and the Lee family. As a medical anthropologist, what strategies would you recommend to best help patients, family members, and doctors in similar incidents of cross-cultural contact?

Post a proposal for solving problematic cross-cultural contacts in a hospital to your class’s online forum. Write the proposal as if you were presenting it to a hospital board. Carefully consider the systems of health and healing involved, as well as the limitations of a hospital budget—for example, a hospital budget would not include enough money to hire an interpreter for every known language on the planet. What do you think would be the best solution? (300 Words)


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