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With the vast amount of energy sources available, most of them have an enormous setback in terms of pollution and energy efficiency. Especially when it comes to fuel sources for automotive vehicles. Although electric powered vehicles like a plug in hybrid or an outright electric can be more efficient than an internal combustion engine, the opportunity costs of that is the huge costs it demands, the range of battery, or even the wait time for charging. I believe with a few more advancements; a technology known as Fuel Cell Technology would be the answer in terms of a bigger upside and little to no downside when compared to EV and ICE.
Recent Research Findings about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles-

  • Topic Sentence
  • Citations from Studies
  • Description of Future Outlook
  • Comparison with other Alternative Energy
    Conclusion – 
  • Ideal Outcome for FCEVs
  • Importance of Clean Energy
  • Restate Objective
  • Closing Statement


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