English homework help

English homework help.  
Q1): Choose the right answer for each of the following statement:
1- Mental lexicon is believed to be stored in the —
A- Broca’s area                                                                                   B-Hippocampus
C- Wernick’s area                                                                               D- angular gyrus
2- It is an experimental technique used to prove that language is processed by the LH where the electrical waves of
Ans : A- EEG
A- EEG                                                                                 B- RCBF
C- CPH                                                                                D- hemisphrectomy
3- One of the linguistic tasks of the RH is processing  ——————–:
A- literal meanings                                                              B- jokes
C- signs                                                                               D- comprehension
4- The main pretexts that justifies children/ adults difficulty to  perceive non-native sounds is:
A- learning strategies                                                B- surrounding environment
C-  attention loss                                                       D- brain accustomedness to L1 phonology
5- It is widely believed that the emergence of children involuntary crying immediately after getting birthed happens for the sake of :
A- environmental change                                              B- enlarging lungs
C- encountering outer air                                              D- stretching the vocal cords
6- The first word of most children lacks   :
A- final consonants                                                           B- initial consonant
C- vowel                                                                           D- diphthong
7- The conceptualization of children first word utterance varies depending on:
A- child temperament                                                      B- his/her age
C- cognitive abilities                                                       D- linguistic abilities
8- Late bilinguals are believed be superior to early bilinguals in ————–:
A- pronunciation                                                                  B- word size
C- pragmatics                                                                      D- grammar
9- One privilege of being in informal contact with native speakers is that it gives the bilingual individual the ability to acquire ———————-
A-  street language                                                                B- regional pronunciation
C- informal vocabulary                                                        D- all possible
10- Psycholinguistics concerns studying the relationship between language and —-:
A- brain                                                                        B- child behavior
C- second language acquisition                                    D- neurons
Q2): Mark the following statements as either true or false depending on its truth value:
1- Broca’s area is the zone in the RH where language is produced fluently.                  ( )
2- children rely only on segmental features to slash the speech stream .                 (   )
3- Non-native sounds which share features with native sounds were found to activate different brain regions.                                                                                            (     )
4- It was found that language has biological bases in neonates.                              (   )
5- Early bilinguals repertoires are activated in the same RH regions.                     (  )
6- One of the ways children acquire their native phonology is by building predictions and schemes.                                                                                                            (   )
7-  Children are better than adults in noticing, forming similarities, finding differences.                                                                                                               (   )
8- Children of months are more attuned to familiar stimuli .                                  (    )
9- Human ability to distinguish surrounding sounds begins at the age of 2 month.
(    )
10- cognitive functions become stable by the age of 6 years .                              (    )

English homework help


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