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English homework help. Instruction for Paper 2: How may a reader analyze a literary element common to two short stories so as to understand meaning in (significance of) the stories? By writing this paper, you will answer this question and demonstrate the following skills for writing about literature:

  • Analyze literature for a purpose.
  • Distinguish digital or print materials through annotation in order to demonstrate reading and summary skills.
  • Identify a literary element common to two short stories.
  • Identify one to three examples from each story as evidence of the element.
  • Write a thesis statement that clearly identifies the common element, and what the paper will discuss about the stories and the element.
  • Write clear topic sentences for paragraphs that inform the reader what the paragraph will discuss.
  • Develop paragraphs that support the topic sentences.
  • Organize a comparison and contrast paper by presenting paragraphs logically and effectively, using one of two methods for comparison and contrast: story-by-story or idea-by-idea.
  • Write sentences in Standard English that clearly express ideas.
  • Demonstrate correct use of MLA formatting within the paper and on a Works Cited page.
  • Explain your writing process clearly and coherently.

Overview of the Workshop Format for Paper 2
In Paper 1, you developed a thesis statement presenting an academic argument based upon analysis of a literary element represented in a story. In Paper 2, you will develop a thesis statement presenting an academic argument based upon analysis of a single literary element common to two stoires; Paper 2 will present its argument in the form/format of comparison and contrast of the element’s function in the two stories. You will be using the feedback you received on Paper 1 from your instructor to help you clarify content and to correct errors in the draft for Paper 2.
For Paper 2, review the selection of stories (see Week 1, Section 3) and choose another story to pair with the first or choose two new stories in order to write about a literary element, such as plot, character, setting, etc. Then, as you did for Paper 1, you will workshop the following areas in the weekly discussions.
Week 5: Thesis. Your thesis statement should identify both stories and the literary element. You will work on the thesis, pattern of organization, and outline in the Week 5 discussion. Topic sentences for the outline will be reviewed, and you will also be applying the critical reading skills you’ve been developing throughout the course.
Weeks 6, 7, and 8: Development. Paragraphs of the body of the paper will focus on analyzing how each story exemplifies the common element. During the discussions, you will review the following writing strategies to develop your paragraphs, which are more complex than paragraphs in Paper 1 because two stories (instead of one) are analyzed in comparison/contrast style to develop and present your ideas.

  • development of body paragraphs that include strong topic sentences and transitions that set up comparison/contrast of the two stories and their shared literary element
  • development and management of signal phrases
  • inclusion of claims and evidence that help to develop your argument
  • using keywords and quotations as development techniques

Throughout Weeks 5 to 8: Sentence Level and MLA. Your writing should be carefully proofread for sentence-level concerns. It should be formatted and documented according to MLA style in the form of parenthetical citations and a works cited page. Throughout the writing of Paper 2, you will be applying grammatical and documentation skills you learned from Paper 1.
Reminder: As in Paper 1, remember that your reader has read the stories and is familiar with them. Extensive summary is not useful. Rather, analyze and explain how selected passages from the two stories illustrate the common literary element and support your thesis.
Reflection: Include within the same document as the paper itself a few paragraphs (three to four) describing your writing process, including what you learned about writing from having completed Paper 1 and receiving feedback for it.
When Paper 2 is complete, submit it to turnitin (if required) and then upload the paper and Reflection paragraphs (as a single document) to your assignments folder within the link “Paper 2” by the deadline.
Word Count:

  • 750-1,000 words (Paper 2)
  • three-four paragraphs (Reflection)

Due Date: This paper is due at the end of Week 8.

English homework help


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