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Choose a nonfiction selection from the “Serving” section of The Civically Engaged Reader. Write an argument analysis paper that clearly communicates the main idea or “message” of the text, and includes a thorough analysis of specific textual evidence that explains how each quote you chose supports the main idea.
Write a thesis statement that clearly and coherently summarizes the main idea, and collect specific quotes from the text that support your thesis statement. In addition to identifying the main idea and supporting evidence, your paper should also include the following:

  1. Identify the target audience of the text.
  2. Take a position in relation to the author’s position. Do you agree or disagree? why?
  3. Optional: Include some historical or biographical context in your paper.

Be sure to correctly cite any quotes, including page numbers.

  • Re-read your chosen text and annotations carefully. Begin by identifying textual details that seem especially important.
  • Analytical writing should be written in the third person.
  • Proofread your writing carefully for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Read your essay aloud to catch any errors.
  • Use the Argument Analysis Graphic Organizer to help you organize your thoughts.


  • Your essay should be 1,000 words (typically 4 double-spaced pages). You may include a process page if needed.
  • Write in an appropriate font (e.g. size 11 or 12 in Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial).
  • Choose at least one of the Essay Review Resources to review your work.
  • Essay must be in APA format. See APA resources below.
  • Submit to the Milestone 2 Assignment dropbox before the due date.
    use the Argument Analysis Essay Worksheet to get started on Milestone 2. Submit your thesis statement, a statement that summarizes the main idea of the text they select, and at least three specific quotes from the text that support your thesis statement, along with explanations / analysis.
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