English homework help

English homework help. Not meeting minimum requirements results in a zero. All instructions given in Participation Assignments are considered minimum requirements.  Read and follow instructions exactly and carefully. Five (5) points for following all instructions. This assignment is open till the due date noted and graded at the end of the semesterOne extra credit per student. Extra credit is graded at the end of the semester.
Visit one of the virtual museums online. Be sure to give the web site URL and state the virtual museum you visited.
Find  ‘filter by tag’ on the right side of your screen. Use the drop down box to find ‘Visual Arts’. There you will find one exhibit to visit. 
This is a three hundred (300) word minimum assignment. 
First, pick an artwork at the exhibit that you like or find intriguing from one of these exhibits. Take a selfie with the artwork you have chosen and submit with your writing. I clearly need to see all on the artwork and you in the selfie. 
In your first paragraph, state the exhibition title and why you chose that image as one of your favorites. Grammar and spelling counts. 
In the next and final paragraph, discuss the art elements (see Week 4 Module for information) of that piece you chose. Is it representational, abstract or nonrepresentational (non-objective)? (See Week 2 Module, Introductions and Definitions (Artistic Styles)).
Click on’Submit Assignment’  to submit your response along with your selfie. Use the textbox for your response. Again, please answer all questions with at least 300 words for entire assignment. You may exceed this word count if you need to complete the assignment.  Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Do not submit a document or leave a assignment in the comments section. These will not be graded. Failure to follow all instructions results in a zero.
Unnecessary Information: If a word count is connected with an assignment this information is not needed to state your name, the date and the assignment. It will not count toward the total number of your words

English homework help


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