English homework help

English homework help.

Banned Books Writing Assignment
Censorship is still prevalent in our society, and hundreds of books have made the banned books list.
Research one book that has been banned, and write a paragraph (in your own words) answering the
questions below. Cite your sources in APA format using the format given. Cite your two sources below
your response. All sentences need to be 10 words or more. Write complete sentences with proper
punctuation and capitalization (no abbreviations, no fragments).
1. What is censorship? (2 sentences)
2. State the title and author of the book, and give a brief synopsis. (2 sentences)
3. Give as least 3 reasons why the book was censored or banned, and give details about those
reasons. (6 sentences)
4. Where and when did the censorship or banning take place? Is this book still being censored or
banned? Why or why not? (3 sentences)
5. Do you agree with the censorship or banning of the book? Explain. (5 sentences)
6. What is your opinion on censorship overall? (4 sentences)

English homework help


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