English homework help

English homework help.

1_Use the consideration and decision-making tools you read about from the Luegenbiehl and Davis article(Attached) and apply them to one of the following case studies (They are in the end).
2_Cite the specific principles, by number, from the current IEEE Code of Ethics (Attached), that are in view in your chosen case study.
Write a document containing your discussion using a form similar to L&B section VIII by applying the five Rules of Thumb from section VII. You can see these rules of thumb woven in the attached (Luegenbiehl and Davis article) .
It will take at least 5 paragraphs to sufficiently cover your discussion.

2.1. Case 1

Engineer A is a forensic engineer. He is hired as a consultant by Attorney Z to provide an engineering and safety analysis report and courtroom testimony in support of a plaintiff in a personal injury case. Following Engineer A’s review and analysis, Engineer A determines that he cannot provide an engineering and safety analysis report favorable to the plaintiff because the results of the report would have to suggest that the plaintiff and not the defendant was at fault in the case. Engineer A’s services are terminated and his fee is paid in full. Thereafter, Attorney X, representing the defendant in the case, learns of the circumstances relating to Engineer A’s unwillingness to provide a report in support of Attorney Z’s case and seeks to retain Engineer A to provide an independent and separate engineering and safety analysis report. Engineer A agrees to provide the report.

  • Was it ethical for Engineer A to agree to provide a separate engineering and safety analysis report?

2.2. Case 2

Engineer A, a licensed professional engineer with expertise in computer programming and computer coding, is employed by Company X, which manufactures air pollution monitoring equipment for power generation companies. Engineer A is asked to design, program, and develop code for a new type of equipment the company is planning to develop. The computer code Engineer A develops performs well during testing but causes the company’s equipment to reduce its pollution monitoring capacity during peak periods of energy consumption, which decreases the amount of actual pollution reported to the power generating companies—data that is then routinely reported to state and federal officials. Company X officials advise Engineer A that this reduced capacity feature will extend the life of the equipment and provide better value to power generation companies who will purchase it.

  • Would it be ethical for Engineer A to design, program, and develop code for a new type of equipment the company is planning to develop for power generation companies with a feature that reduces the amount of actual pollution reported to the power generation companies—data that is routinely reported to state and federal officials?

2.3. Case 3

John Doe had been employed as a design engineer in an aerospace company for twelve years, during which time he had been assigned to the performance of highly technical and complex engineering design work. Along with thousands of other engineers in the aerospace industry, he was laid off when contracts with his company were terminated and new work was not forthcoming. After many months of seeking a new job in his specialized field with no success he was advised by an employment counselor that his only opportunity lay in finding a position involving management and administration of engineering work. Doe had had some managerial and administrative experience of a minor nature in connection with his former employment but felt he could perform satisfactorily at a higher level in that related field of technical activity if given the opportunity. After being turned down repeatedly for technical managerial or administrative positions because his resume showed a lack of such experience, he devised a new resume which played down his technical design experience and expertise and emphasized his minor managerial and administrative function in his former employment as an important responsibility. As a result he was able to obtain a new job which involved responsibilities in his general field of technical expertise.

  • Was Doe in violation of the code for rewriting his employment resume to emphasize his managerial and administrative experience and play down his technical experience in order to obtain new employment?

2.4. Case 4

Choose an event or news item related to COVID-19 that involves:

  • Engineers working in their field or making statements while identified as an engineer.
  • Decisions that were or are part of the subject.
  • A connection to 2 or more of the IEEE Code of Ethics principles.

Describe how your item fits this criteria and procede to analyze the situation from a professional engineering ethics point of view.

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