English homework help

English homework help.

Instructions: Maximum length is 3 pages; must be APA Style
Due date: Sunday, May 3, 2020
Guidelines of the paper (evolving):
In this paper, you will look back on personal experiences in learning course materials in the subject and measure how that experience has helped you to grow or change during the semester. The course has provided you with a grounding in key aspects of media ethics and law that all journalists need to be aware of, and offer you an opportunity to engage with particular ethical dilemmas that arise in the field of journalism. During the lectures and by assignments and discussions, it provided you with an opportunity to gain a deep understanding and capacity to reflect on legal and ethical principles, as well as an understanding of how such knowledge is relevant to the ongoing dilemmas and decisions that journalists are faced with in the course of their work. This paper will have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion to share your learning experiences, knowledge, and skills-set and how those learning outcomes created change in you during the learning process in the semester. The paper has two parts and following are the outlines for you a guidance:
In Part I you will express your learning outcomes from the class and it should include the following elements:

  • have a sound grasp of the legal and ethical issues associated with the history, theory and current practice of journalism;
  • have a sound grasp of key aspects of media law;
  • outline the legal and ethical responsibilities related to journalism;
  • equipped to critically reflect on legal and ethical principles related to the practice of journalism;
  • able to apply knowledge of legal and ethical principles to dilemmas that arise in the course of journalism practice; and
  • ready to make sound decisions in journalism practice based on knowledge of the law, ethics, and case-based examples.

In summary, in Part I, you will outline or summarize what did you learn from this class and how you will apply in your professional field in the future.
In Part II, you will explain your learning experiences during the COVID-19 Crisis via WebEx class meetings, your struggles, and your ability to cope with them, if any, during the crisis, and you should include the answers to the following questions. Please be reminded that the following items are examples but not limited to your experience of WebEx class, and you may express your ideas and experience that is not mentioned herein these questions below:

  1. What did your instructor do to reduce your apprehension and anxiety during this time of disruption—Covid-19? What might he do more of next time during a crisis?
  2. Given your experience in this class this semester, what adjustments or special considerations should be made for AY2020-21 courses?

Student Engagement in Learning
How well did this instructor get students to engage with the subject matter and think critically about the topic? For example, did the instructor

  • made the subject matter enjoyable?
  • created a relaxed atmosphere in which students felt free to ask questions or make comments?
  • was able to give clear and constructive feedback to students when they asked questions or made contributions to the class?
  • exposed students to relevant topics, sources, theories?
  • encouraged students to make specific reference to readings, experiences or other sources?
  • stimulated students to address how ideas might be applied or what interpretive implications they might have?
  • encouraged students to connect course content to ideas and situations beyond the immediate topic of the class?

English homework help


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