English homework help

English homework help. ENG 1101 Final Exam for Mr. Groover
Instructions: In a WORD document, complete the following items. You may use your handouts, notes, textbook, etc.  Save the document and upload it as a .docx file in the assignment link for the
Reminder: Put the required heading on the paper and save with the required filename. (Look in LESSONS à COURSE RESOURCES for directions.)

  • List the items below as if it this were a reference page in APA. (25 pts)

Author: Samuel Beckett
Title: Murphy
Publication Year: 1957
Publication City: New York
Publisher: Grove
Organization: U.S. Department of State
Publication Year: 1996
Title of Webpage: Germany: Economic policy and trade practices
URL: http://tradeport.org/ts/countries/germany.html

  • Cite the following quote as if it were within your paper using APA formatting: (25 pts)
    • “If a fear cannot be articulated, it can’t be conquered.”
    • Written by Stephen King, in his novel Salem’s Lot. The book was published in 1975 and this quote can be found on page 113.
  • Write a thesis statement for a narrative essay on ONE of the following topics: (25 pts)
    • How a movie or song impacts your views on life
    • What challenges are currently faced by you as a student?
    • How has playing video games been beneficial to you as a person?
  • Answer the following question in one complete, grammatically correct sentence: A good concluding paragraph answers what question for the reader? (25 pts)


English homework help


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