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English homework help. Essay #3: The Investigative Essay
An investigative essay is the writer’s attempt to share newly discovered information with his or her readers.
Because the writer is sharing new information, the introduction and statement of purpose in an investigative essay needs to reflect this intention, which is to inform.. Rather than “inform” or readers about information that has been discovered and uncovered that is useful and applicable to the topic.
For this essay, you will investigate a career with the ultimate goal of discovering information that is personally useful. Your approach to the topic will depend on what you need to find out.
If you are new to college and still working on your “basics,” you may not know which career you will pursue in the future. This essay can help you identify a viable career path. If you have already selected a career, your investigation should focus on aspects of your career that have changed since your initial investigation
If you already have a career, perhaps this essay will help you understand your current career, and all of its possibilities, more fully. Remember: this is a brief essay that requires a narrow, focused subject that is at once useful and practical.
The final draft of this essay should be 600–750 words, or 2–3 double-spaced pages. You will include a Works Cited page.
Direct this essay to a diverse audience of classmates. Assume various ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds, and assume your reader is both curious and reasonably educated.
Begin by perusing the following resource, which lists the “100 Best Jobs of 2019” according to U.S. News and World Report: https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/the-100-best-jobs
Your career topic doesn’t have to come from this list, but it is a good place to start.
Use Internet search engine(s) to locate three reliable and authoritative sources. These three sources may not include Wikipedia, as this interesting web encyclopedia does not control authorship and is, therefore, not recognized as a viable academic source.
You will need to find three sources and evaluate them using the guidelines studied
earlier to ensure their reliability and authenticity. Having three sources will allow you an opportunity to cross reference details and information.
Once you have gathered your information, organize the essay according to the following instructions:
Paragraph One: Your Interests and the Career

  • Open your essay with at least 3 to 4 sentences in which you identify the occupation you explored and explain why this job interests you.
  • End with a simple thesis statement (see the model essay).

Paragraph Two: Job Description/Tasks performed
1) Provide a short description of the occupation.
2) Give a brief description of the work environment of the profession.
3) Briefly describe 3 tasks a worker in this profession performs.
Paragraph Three: Training, Range of Wages and Job Outlook
1) Describe the training required for an entry-level position in this profession (e.g., trade
school, college with a major in engineering, professional certification).
2) Describe the range of wages for this profession.
3) Describe the job outlook for this occupation.
Paragraph Four:  A Typical Day
Describe a day in the life of a member of your career. If you know someone currently employed in this field, then consider interviewing him/her.  Otherwise, just “Google” to find the information.
Paragraph Five: 

  • Describe your personal interests, values and/or working styles that will help you succeed in this profession.
  • Address any challenges you may anticipate.

Paragraph Six:
In at least 2 sentences, bring your paragraph to a close.  Make the essay sound finished.
When incorporating information from sources into your essay, use Modern Language Association (MLA) 8 Documentation Style.  You must include in-text citations and a works cited page.
Before you submit your essay, proofread it carefully for mistakes, such as comma splices, run-on sentences, fragments, subject-verb agreement errors, and any other errors I may have pointed out in your previous essays.
You will submit your essay as a WORD document in eCampus.

English homework help


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