English homework help

  1. Fill in film( “Us” 2019 American horror film ) analysis sheet


  1. Based on the film worksheet analysis , build a paragraph of analysis on “Us”.


  1. According to incorporating quotations, go back to the paragraphs of Analysis essay ( “The Raft”).Find one of them and fix it.


  1. 5 min free-write

read the intro (pp. 92-95 of Jpcu12878) As you read, identify what is happening in each paragraph of the intro in terms of the 4 D’s and also identify the thesis. Is the thesis in stages? How do the authors dole out background information throughout the intro to prepare the reader for what the article does?
When you get to the end of the intro do you feel you know exactly what the article will cover and argue?

  1. 1 page reading summary of (Firth 1996 and Szatmary 2004)



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