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 Using a search engine, search for “infographics college tuition” (or you can choose any topic that interests you). Find two infographics that present information on similar topics, such as tuition costs for public and private colleges and universities, average tuition costs in each of the fifty states, or the relationship between tuition costs and future earnings potential. Write a 1,000-word memo to your instructor in which you identify the audience and purpose of the infographics and compare and contrast them using such criteria as audience, purpose, clarity, visual appeal, use of different types of graphics, and citation of the data sources. Which infographic do you think is better? Why?
Assignment Objectives
 Learn about graphics and infographics in particular
 Understand what goes into an infographics and why it is important.
 To familiarize yourself with an essential tools that you may find useful in the future.
Preparing to Write the Proposal
1. Decide on a subject that interests you as a group.
2. Debate about the chosen subject among yourselves.
3. Conduct research collaboratively as a group.
4. Follow the writing process that we discussed in class.
Formatting Requirements
 Feel free to use any other formatting style that suits your subject
Submission Requirements/Deliverables
Submit your assignment online
1. Two Infographics
2. The Memo
3. References


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