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Please 1) read the article and watch all the videos uploaded on the following web-link:
Please pay very close attention to the following A and B sections when writing your post.
A. After you carefully and thoroughly read the article and watch ALL the videos, please post your critical understanding and analysis of this news story/commentary and ALL the videos embedded throughout the article. In other words, what is your overall impression of this incident that just occurred in Yale University? Do you think this professor was bullied by the students, or students were simply trying to make their voice heard by the school authority? Do you like the way this article described and analyzed the issue, based on your understanding of this incident and the viewing of the videos? I want you to think about all these questions when writing the post.
B. Please note that this is a very controversial issue that has been debated by people and groups holding different opinions. Some people criticized the students’ behaviors as “rude and abrasive,” but some praised these students as they are “courageous young fighters” in the battle against racist cultural practice, such as wearing Halloween costumes that are offensive to certain cultural groups.
What is your opinion on this issue? How do you like the way the students interacted with professor Christakis in these videos? The reason that the students wanted to speak to the professor Christakis and professor Christakis tried to hold a conversation with them was because they wanted to develop a mutual understanding about each other’s standpoints, right? But do you think there was a moment of constructive intercultural communication between them, or there was no such moment at all? If you think there was such a moment, please explain why, if you think there was no such moment at all, please also explain why. I want you to think about these questions too when writing the post.
When you write your critical analysis of the above topic/issue, please make a clear and strong connection to the book chapters. By “CONNECTION,” I mean you need to clearly write down how the book defines certain term (s) or idea (s), and then explain how it/they can be applied to your critical analysis of this topic/issue. Please do NOT directly quote or cite anything from the book or other reading materials. You need to use your own words to paraphrase those ideas or terms. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I want to read how you understand them, NOT how book understands them.
you need to write at least 600 words Each time.


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