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Identify a process and state why it is very important to provide and follow the proper steps to carry out the process. What could happen if the process isn’t carried out properly? What are some warnings involved in the process? As an example, think about medications and/or antibiotics that all of us have probably used at one time or another, after being diagnosed with a cold or illness.  When we pick up medicine from the local pharmacy, directions are stapled to the package that contain detailed instruction or a process of how to  properly take the medication. Imagine what could happen if the instructions were not carried out properly. Serious consequences can result from such an action. Medications have warnings, such as “Do not operate machinary while using this medicine; Do not ingest alcohol; Do not take this medication on an empty stomach” and so on and so forth.  As you respond to this Discussion, think about the steps involved in the process that you have identified, as well as the warnings and consequences if the steps that you have identified in your process are not carried out properly. Do not identify simple, elementary processes, like brushing teeth or tying a shoe, etc. or credit will not be given.  Think about the process that you identify carefully and be sure that you have carried out the process, thus making you very familiar with it. Your post  should not be more than 150 words.


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