English homework help

English homework help. This paper is to be approximately 2000-2500 words in length (that’s about 8-10 double-spaced pages). **** MLA Style, 8-10 pages, in-text citations and a bibliography, Cover Page (Name, Title, Course name, Professors name).
You must use at least 6 sources other than the textbook. These sources should vary in perspective (some Christian, some not Christian, some in support of your thoughts, some challenging your thoughts). All resources must be scholarly.
You must have a clear THESIS. You will then support this thesis throughout your paper, making sure to incorporate sources correctly and effectively. You will make sure to address the key arguments and the strongest evidence you find which counters your position regarding the given topic and present a defense for your own position.
If your using other articles and websites for resources, be sure to cite and also that it is a credible resources (academic).
Paper’s Topic: Arguments for capital punishment, “Capital Punishment Expresses an Appropriate Demand for Justice” and “Capital Punishment Deters Crime.”

English homework help


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