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 Read the introduction and chapter one of Sara Wachter-Boettcher’s book Technically wrong: sexist apps, biased algorithmsand other threats of toxic tech and watch the short video
I upload it already.
Here is the link for the video:

In a short paper, respond to the following prompts.

  • Make sure you use completeclear sentences that explain your responses.
  • Make sure that you double space your text.
  • Make sure you use the headings as listed below

Both McChesney and Wachter-Boettcher begin by highlighting how important social media and other interactive media are to all of us. And they suggest (in this work  and other contexts) that there is a lot digital media gets right about us and a lot that digital media gets wrong about us. Under a heading entitled Who Do My Apps Think I Am? Think about your own experience with social media and other interactive forms of media. Identify at least one example in which interactive media seemed to understand precisely what you needed and identify at least one example in which interactive media algorithms or design seemed to misunderstand who you were, what you needed.  What were your reactions to these situations?
Under a heading entitled The Problems with the World of Tech explain what Watcher-Boettcher sees as being ‘technically wrong.’ In other words, what is the problem she identifies in her text and what does she see as the impact of this problem?
Under a heading entitled McChesney Compared with Wachter-Boettcher, compare and contrast McChesney and Watcher-Boettcher’s solutions . What strategies does McChesney propose for creating tech that serves humanity and what strategies does Watcher-Boettcher seem to be suggesting? (I recognize that you only have the beginning of Watcher-Boettcher’s text but please note that 99% of the non-fictional books and articles you read will preview their solutions in the introduction and early chapters or first few minutes of a media production – remember that when you read and remember it when you write)
Under a heading entitled Opportunities explain what job opportunities for a Media and Communication Studies graduate might be suggested by Wachter-Boettcher’s approach to interactive media.

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