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Week 1 Writing
Forum 1 (2 parts with 2 parts each)
Part 1 (two parts A and B).
A)  In a short paragraph, share some of your reactions to this cartoon.  https://twitter.com/tomgauld/status/571994690289061888?lang=en
B)  See the syllabus, p. 4 on creating titles for your papers. Create a title for an article in which you might use the cartoon as an illustration.  Explain it a bit. Remember, titles should give your readers a hint at your point and get readers intrigued. Sometimes I explain it as selling an idea…
Part 2: write a short paragraph (at least) for each part.

  1. share an example or two of a discourse community you are in. Model Klass’s

style by using examples of language or goals and values that are shared in your community that others who are not in the community might not know/have.

  1. After reading Perri Klass’ article, think/write about it. Here are some what, how, why prompts:

Why did Klass write this? What is she sharing about her new discourse and discourse community? (See how the intro to Klass’s article defines discourse community or see the link above.)
What reasons does she give for using this specialized language?
What are your thoughts about her message?
Include something about how she wrote. What did you notice about her style of writing?
Also she said to reply to 2 people I’ll put 2 of them below 
Wicked Mirrors by Lauryn Doyle – Thursday, September 3, 2020, 3:56 PM
A)  Tom Gauld is a Scottish illustrator/cartoonist who was born in Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom 1976. I actually really liked Gauld’s cartoon! It very simply illustrates the “us vs. them” mentality that every single one of us is guilty of! Even though we may like to think that it is always the “other guy”  who is in the wrong, oftentimes we find ourselves capable of the same traits we judge in others. This cartoon is one that could be proved relevant throughout all types of people and timelines, and I think it is especially relevant to today’s social/political climate as well. I would absolutely love it if everyone in the world could see this cartoon and actually have the realization that their hate is just as ugly as their neighbors, even if they have a different skin color, belief, or sexual orientation than their own.
B) If I were to title this cartoon, I would call it “Wicked Mirrors” because people spend their whole lives judging others whose lives seem to somewhat mirror their own; the only twist is when looking at the lives of others through his mirror, all of their “differences” appear to be wicked, yet none of their own do.
B) Klass wrote this piece to help readers understand that there is so much more to communicating with different groups of people than simply just speaking the same language. If one wishes to truly communicate and comprehend ideas within a specific group of people, they must understand and adopt all of the attitudes, terminology, and undertones of the group’s sublanguage. In the passage Klass reflects on how difficult (and even uncomfortable at some times) it was to “learn the language”, but once she did, she felt a strong sense of belonging and was able to live more comfortably in her professional life. I very strongly agree with Klass’ message because I have personally experienced what it is like to “learn the language” of a community, or in my case the soccer team, as well as become comfortable enough with the sport and it’s jargon to call myself a soccer player. I enjoyed reading this piece because of the way Klass starts many of her sentences and scenes, She begins them as if you were in the moment yourself which was very attention grabbing and entertainment
You’re no better than him by Klare Chapelo – Friday, September 4, 2020, 9:08 PM
Part 1
A) Tom Gauld is an illustrator and cartoonist, from the United Kingdom, with an art degree. In the cartoon I notice they appear to match up almost like a mirror. I think that the cartoon is showing a mirrored version of both sides. The Blessed Homeland side is speaking high of themselves and calling it how they see it; whereas, Their Barbarous Wastes side is calling out the other side. The two sides are almost in contradiction and hating each other. I think the point of this artwork is to show that it is all about their perspective. The cartoon just reminds me simply of some of today’s problems. I looked up Gauld and viewed a few of his other pieces to understand his style. I really had little to no reaction besides a little chuckle.
B) You’re no better than him
Part 2.
B) Perri Klass’ discourse community would be her work family and people who are in that category. She commonly mentions the abbreviation language and medical terms. I know from personal experience and from her perspective it’s easier. It keeps it fast past and allows her to make quick notes. I believe Klass is 100% correct. If she can make things easier and smoother, why not! When Klass wrote she didn’t make me feel dumb, for lack of a better word, she explained and gave analogies and it was simple to comprehend.

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