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  • My working Thesis Statement: Payday Loans have predatory practices that are not beneficial for borrowers.

(Essay Must Be Written In Third Person)

  • Payday loans have predatory practices that are not beneficial for borrowers.
  • Write an argument research essay (of at least 1500 words) about the working thesis that you have been working on throughout the previous writing assignments.
  • Your thesis should be supported with at least three claims.
  • The essay should also address the opposite viewpoint.
  • Make use of at least three sources located via research but no more than six. These sources must be current. All source material used throughout essay must be properly integrated and cited in-text per MLA guidelines. A corresponding Works Cited page must be submitted with the final draft.
  • You will find a sample Argument Research Essay on the following page.
  • Course materials to assist you in writing this essay follow throughout Unit 4. Continue to review unit contents.

Essay Sample: https://guides.skylinecollege.edu/ld.php?content_id=44584132


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