English homework help

  • Complete the Leadership Questionnaires in each chapter (from chapter 1 to chapter 13) and record your results in the Leadership Assessments form (download the form to your own computer). Don’t just put numbers -make sure you put what they are for.
  • On the reflection/reaction section of the form, that isn’t just a recap of your scores – what was your reaction to your scores? What did you think when you saw your scores and why? Did you agree with them? Why or why not?
  • In a well-written paper
    • summarize your results (don’t just repeat what was in the form; tie it all together)
    • provide a self-assessment of your leadership qualities, areas of strength, and areas for improvement
    • give examples and BE SPECIFIC! Look at the big picture of all your results – what do they say about your leadership style, behavior, vision, etc?
    • include how you can use this information in your current work or activities
    • include how you can use this information in your future work or other endeavors
    • discuss any plans to address any areas in which you think you should make changes – be specific and thorough in your explanation.

I expect thoughtful and documented (if applicable) responses. When you refer to the text or other resources, use APA style manual format from the most current edition.

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