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Select and answer one (1) of the Critical Thinking Challenges listed on page 439 and below of the Mathis et al text.  Include the question number and question in bold, single-space place before your answer.
2. Write a 250 – 350 word paper on your selection.  Include what you think are the important points in your answer.
3. Format according to APA, except as noted under the Writing Style and Format Standards Module. Look at the Writing Assignment Example as a guide.
4. Use in-text citations and at least three references in your report (see note below).
5. Save as LastNameFirstNameExam2.docx  example: HubbardJohnExam2.docx
· Students must cite all references, including the textbook. If a student’s answer references a source other than the text, the student should cite this reference according to the APA 6th Edition Publication Manual. A link to APA style can be found on Canvas, other resources on APA style are available at the UNT Dallas Library and online. It is up to you to make ensure your references are cited correctly. The use of any secondary reference without providing citation is plagiarism and will receive a score of 0. Also, work done in a previous course, in whole or in part, is regarded as plagiarism and will not be accepted. Repeated incidents of plagiarism are reported to the Academic Affairs Office and the student receives an “F “grade in the course.
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