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Week Five Assignments (9/20-9/26)

Outline is due: Oct. 4th
Rough Draft is due: Oct. 9th on turnitin.com
Final Draft is due: Oct. 12th
2.Read the assignment sheet and begin thinking about an album cover that might work for this essay.  You can use this list of great cover art to get some inspiration.
3. Choose an album cover for the essay by the end of Week Five.
3.Read chapter 11 in the Field Guide to Writing, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Field Guide to Writing” link on the left side of our eCampus page. This chapter gives you important information about analyzing texts. Pay close attention to the parts of the chapter on analyzing visual texts, and please read the essay called “The Fashion Industry: Free to be an Individual.” This essay is part of chapter 11 and gives you an example of what a visual analysis essay might look like.
4.  Read “The Importance of Album Art” and “The Shins Heartworm Cover Inspiration” in Lesson Three folder. One gives you more to consider when analyzing album art, and one is an example of what an analysis might look like.

Week Six Assignments (9/27-10/3)

1. Use the Library’s databases  to find two sources related to either your musician/musical group or the specific album you are using for your visual analysis essay. Start with the Academic Search Complete database, but feel free to try others as well.  Once you have found two sources, create a works cited page with work cited entries for those two sources, properly formatted.  HINT: there is a citation button on the right of most sources in the databases that will give you the citation.  All you will need to do is copy it and properly format it on a document.  This means remove any highlighting, change the font color to black, change the font to Times New Roman, make it 12pt, double space it, and create a hanging indent so every line after the first line is 1/2 further to the right.  Look at the sample works cited page at the end of the MLA Guidelines document in the MLA folder. Once you have the two source works cited page completed, upload it to the “Sample MLA Works Cited Entries” link under “Turn in Assignments Here.” Note: You can use other sources in your essay than the sources you find in the databases. The purpose of this assignment is to get you familiar with the databases, but you might find quotes from reviews on music websites that you can also use in your essay.  
2. Continue to analyze the image you have chosen using the “Questions for Analyzing Album Art” in the Lesson Three folder under Class Content.
3. Create a thesis and outline for your essay. Use the “Questions for Analyzing Album Art” and the “Album Cover Outline Template” for help.  This needs to be uploaded to the “Turn in Assignments Here” link on the left side of eCampus, under “Turn in Essay Outlines Here.” The outline is due on Oct. 4th before midnight.


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