English homework help

Paper length: 2-3 pages , approx 600 – 750 words
Read through entire sections on Ancient Rome, especially about about Christianity. This
should be pages 141-145 in the reading.
Please answer both (A) and (B) in your short write.
Part A
Name one reason why you think the Romans viewed Christianity as a threat. Explain in
detail why the Romans found Christians so threatening.
Do you agree or disagree with their point of view at that time? Why or why not? Please
use the videos we will see in class on Monday along with quotes from the readings.
NOTE: imagine you are looking at it from a Roman point of view back then (approx 150
ad) as opposed to any reasons dealing with a modern/ Judeo-Christian view in our era.
Part B
Give me YOUR detailed definition of what you think of as a ‘cult’ (as opposed to a
IMPORTANT: DO NOT give me something from dictionary.com, Wiki, some blog you
found on the Web, etc.
I want to know how you define what a cult is. So, what do you think makes a cult
something different than a religion?
Research one example of a cult that you think exists today or in recent history (within
the last 25 years) and tell me why
you think it is a cult and not a religion.


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