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Part 1, Social Stress Personal Analysis (2-4 pages)
Research stress inventories on the Internet and write a critical analysis of the site. Include the URL, name of the inventory, how long it takes to complete the inventory, and your opinion of the results. Answer the following questions in your analysis:

  1. How do you explain that an event that you might find stressful may not be identified as a stressor by someone else?
  2. Discuss what the term stress means to you. Is it different from anxiety?  What are your current stressors?  Which ones do you have control over?  What do you do to cope with the stressors you have control over?  What do you do to cope with the stressors you have no control over?  Which stressors are harder to cope with? Why?

SHARE #2 WITH YOUR GROUP.  Identify the themes discussed in your group.

  1. The text points out Cooley’s looking-glass self. Discuss how you believe others see you, and how that may lead to distress.

Part 2, Social Stress and Race, Class and Gender (3-5 pages)
Using scholarly sources and a critical sociological perspective (not blaming the victim), Research how race, class, and gender impacts stress, stress-related illnesses, treatment of stress and coping strategies.  Answer the following questions in your analysis (3-5 pages):

  1. Without stereotyping, discuss the various social and psychological ways in which different people with different backgrounds can combat social stresses. Include the importance of extended families, friends and peers, religious organizations, support groups, and telephone hotlines.
  2. Using the feminist perspective, discuss why there is gender disparity in stress.
  3. How would you explain this statement: “Research has demonstrated that black individuals have higher rates of psychological distress than white individuals.” Include information about systemic and institutionalized racism, police violence, high incarceration rates, etc.

Conclusion (1-2pages):
Discuss how society, especially the medical society, can provide better support in helping people handle stress. Give solutions and resources.  What changes/improvements can you make in your own life to better handle social stress?
Use in-text citations from your research, journal articles, websites, the text etc. to support your statements. Include a Reference Page.  Paper will be written in APA format.


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