English homework help

English homework help.

First Assignment:  What is Communication?
In our online class (1.2 Why Study Communication), we discussed the segment from Friends, in which Joey and Ross give Chandler the silent treatment, and we speculated about whether or not they were communicating.
When you’re in an IN PERSON conversation with someone (either actually face-to-face, or via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp video etc., but where you can actually SEE the other person, and they can see you – that is NOT via text!) ignore the other person completely.  That is, give them “the silent treatment”. For example, if they ask you a question, don’t respond.  If they smile at you, don’t smile back.  Act as though they’re not really there at all.  (Note: This will not be easy!  Please choose carefully the person with whom you do this!)
Observe the other’s reactions, and take note of how it feels to you.
1.  Briefly describe what happened when you gave the other person “the silent treatment”. How did it feel to you, and what were their reactions?  (5 points)
2.  Was this communication? Explain and support your answer.  (5 points)
3.  We discussed the following features that communication MIGHT involve:
a. It might involve passing information from one person to another
b. It might involve one mind affecting another
c. It might involve conscious intent – that is, communication has only occurred if one communicator understood what the other communicator intended to communicate
Support your answer to question 2 by discussing each of these, a., b. and c, as they relate to your experience of giving someone the “silent treatment”. (10 points)
Your response should be one page, single-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins.  It should be uploaded to Canvas under Assignments.  Please paste your assignment into the box you will find there, or upload it in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format by 10 pm on Monday, 9/28.  (Note: Please do NOT use a Google docs link!  Thanks).
Be sure to use proper references, as follows:
In the text of your paper:
The book:
(Ruben & Stewart, 2020, p. X)  Note: X should be replaced by the appropriate page number that you are citing.
Class notes:
(Mandelbaum, 2020)
In the reference list at the end of the paper (does not need to be on a separate page for this assignment):
The book:
Ruben, B. & Stewart, L. (2020).  Communication and human behavior.  7th Edition.  New York: Kendall Hunt.
Class notes:
Mandelbaum, J. (2020).  Class notes, Rutgers University, 9/xx/2020
Your assignment will be graded according to the points system outlined above (20 points total; your total will then be multiplied by 5 to constitute a grade out of 100 points) as follows:
Part (1) (5 points) Gives a clear description of what you did, and how it felt to you, and what the other person’s reactions were.
Part (2) (5 points) Makes a clear claim about whether or not this was communication, and supports this claim with evidence both from your experience of giving the silent treatment to someone, and from class materials (especially the online Modules).
Part (3) (10 points)  This should be the major focus of effort.  Be sure to engage seriously, thoughtfully and clearly with each part, a., b., and c. (above), using class resources (and the textbook where appropriate) in discussing whether or not your giving someone “the silent treatment” was communication or not.

English homework help


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