English homework help

English homework help.  
Multimodal Analysis Paper
Paper Description: 500-750 words; double-spaced; 12-point Times New Roman font; MLA style formatting, citation, and Work Cited page
Points: 100
The Assignment
Find a multimodal object related to food to analyze. By “multimodal object,” I mean a cultural artifact that is not only text-based—for example, a youtube video, podcast, episode of a television show, scene from a movie, photograph, painting, advertisement, etc. While your object may include some use of text, it should convey meaning through other visual and auditory techniques, as well.
Once you have chosen your multimodal object, write an analysis of the object. Your paper should 1) analyze how the object portrays food or a food-related issue OR 2) analyze how a food-related object portrays a different theme or issue identified by you.
Criteria for Evaluation:
A successful multimodal analysis will include:

  • An introduction that effectively describes the multimodal object for an unfamiliar reader and ends with an analytical thesis statement.


  • A clear and specific analytical thesis statement.


  • Effective use of evidence—while you will probably discuss some textual evidence, you must also describe and interpret other types of evidence (i.e. visual evidence). Any dialogue discussed should be quoted and attributed accurately.


  • A logical organization and use of clear topic sentences and transitions; the writer should carefully guide the reader through the analysis, and it should be clear to the reader how each body paragraph connects back to the writer’s analytical thesis statement.


  • Correct use of MLA citation style.


  • Clear language use i.e. correct grammar and effective word choice.


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