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The song is black holes by the Renee Rosnes Quintet
Contemporary jazz reflects both its past and the current music scene in general. Some artists are more traditional and are attached to older styles, while others stretch jazz to a place that is not necessarily even recognizable to many as jazz. R&B styles and musical styles from around the world have become common as part of the jazz language. Though this kind of genre mixing has been around in jazz for a long time, jazz today has its own sound and styles.
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Essay Topic:
After reading Chapter 15 and going through the listening examples, as well as seeking out other recordings mentioned throughout the chapter, write an essay in five parts:
1a. Choose one recording form Chapter 15 that you particularly like. Discuss the recording in detail.
1b. Discuss the one thing that stands out the most to you in the recording in detail.
2a. Choose a recording by an artist in a genre of your choosing. Discuss it in detail.
2b. Discuss the one thing that stands out the most to you in the recording in detail.
2c. Discuss similarities and/or differences between the Chapter 15 recording and the one of your own choosing.


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