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Essay question:
Discuss the emergent gender dynamics in Bollywood cinema with reference to how they challenge earlier gender norms and power dynamics. And reflect upon how the representations of new gender dynamics may be a function of new sites for distribution and consumption of Bollywood cinema.
Instructions for writing an essay:
Writing an essay first requires stating an observation, claim, or argument. This is often referred to as the thesis statement. The thesis statement is constructed and presented in the first paragraph itself. After which the rest of the essay consists of providing substantiating evidence to support your claim or observation. For example, if you make a particular observation or claim about Bollywood cinema, you are then expected to refer to films as well as academic and certain non-academic sources to substantiate your claim.
In the final essay you are expected to refer to a minimum of 6 academic sources and at least four films, along with a minimum of 3 non-academic references (news articles, industry reports, etc.). The total length of the essay is minimum 900 words. You are also requested to follow a consistent reference style.


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