Environmental science homework help

Environmental science homework help. Write a research paper on crisis text line and how that might catalyze positive change.
Write a research-based essay arguing what change it might catalyze, and why.
Remember to explain both the project (i.e. crisis text line) and provide researched background into the issue the project is meant to address. Can artists and designers use their skills to create a more just world?
Include the following:
First, identify the project, and the core issue your project is meant to address. Next, you will conduct research into that issue, as well as your chosen project.
Consider the following questions, and then create some of your own. The questions may vary slightly based on the project.
– Who is the audience for the project?
– Who might the project benefit? Are these the same?
– Where are they located?
– How will they benefit? (For example: from exposure to the project directly? Or, from action the project is meant to catalyze?)
– In what time period will this most likely happen?
– How and why did the artist decide on this issue?
– Does the artist have a history of effecting positive change? Are there scholarly articles, by experts you might cite, vouching for this artist’s methods or proven track record? Are there scholarly articles demonstrating the effectiveness of other art or design projects, for a similar purpose or in a similar context?
Use the Chicago Manual of Style for Footnote citations and Bibliography and use academic sources.

Environmental science homework help


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