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  1. Review the Week Three assignment, NOAA Activity Part 2: Marine Pollution. Use the same ocean explorative mission from the Week Three assignment.
    Prepare 15 to 20 slides. Add the 8 to 10 slides from the Week Three assignment to this presentation to reach the 15 to 20 slide requirement.
    Include the following information and address the following questions in your final presentation:

    • Include detailed speaker notes.
    • What are the geological features of the selected region where your organism dwells?
    • What life exists in your chosen region? List the top 10 prevalent marine organisms from your chosen region.
    • Select a marine organism from the region and discuss its adaptation to the environment due to two of the major environmental problems facing our oceans today: global climate change and plastic pollution.
    • Discuss its relationship to the other organisms that live in the same food chain.
    • Include future adaptations.
    • How do the currents and tides affect your selected animal?
    • Select the same animal as you did earlier in this assignment or another animal from the same region and hypothesize how it may need to adapt in the future due to natural circumstances or pollution. Will your chosen species in fact, be able to adapt to such rapid changes or go extinct?
    • Week 5 Signature Assignment Marine Rubric .pdf
      Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
      Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate. Be sure to source your photos which tells the reader where you obtained your photo.
      Submit your assignment.
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