Essay Questions. You will select one of the following questions on which to write an extended essay. CREATE YOUR OWN QUESTION: Submit an essay question on which you would like to write to Dr. Holland by Monday 4/20. Prior approval required. Using one or a combination of theories use them as a critical lens to analyze a movie (sociological movie review), a music video or popular culture. Compare and contrast Marx’s theory with the explanations provided by Fanon and Cesaire. How did the theory change from the first feminists to the second and third wave feminists we studied? What changed and what remained the same? Explain and assess the importance of Gramsci’s idea of hegemony and examine how it was adopted by other theorists we studied. Which theorist we have studied best embodies Gramsci’s idea of an organic intellectual? Explain what and how this theorist uses theory to inform consciousness. Explain Gramsci’s theory of Hegemony and using it analyze the current situation and possibilities for social change. Envision how this happens using Gramsci’s analysis. Explain what Audre Lorde meant by the Master’s Tools and apply it to an analysis of a particular problem of the social structure. How does Hartsock argue that women are a “colonized other” and what consequences does that have for understanding the position of women? How is Smith’s idea of bifurcation of consciousness similar to and/or different from Dubois’ double consciousness? Describe what is meant by both. Define and explain the similarities and differences between Intersectionality (Crenshaw) and the Matrix of Domination (Collins). Then write about a real-life example that illustrates these ideas. What are the major differences and similarities between the early feminists and contemporary black feminists? What similarities and differences are there between the Power of Nonviolent Action and the Black Panther Party programs for social change and those of Fanon and Cesaire? How does DuBois provide a materialist explanation of white racism in his writings on the racial wage? Does Dubois complicate or challenge Marx’s account of class and class conflict (which you will need to explain)? How do WW Rostow and Immanuel Wallenstein provide differing explanations of how nations develop economically? Which do you think is the best explanation? Why? How does Dubois idea of double consciousness relate to James or Mead’s theories? How does theory provide a basis to inform action for social change? Be specific and draw on particular theorists we have examined. How is the analysis of postcolonial theorist similar to and different from that of feminist theorists? Be specific. How does Anzaldua’s image/concept of the borderlands help to complicate and explain identity? What relevance does it have for contemporary theory (explanations)? We know the concept of alienation/estrangement through Marx. Estrangement is distancing of people from each other or what is important to them or from themselves. Many of the theorists since the midterm have addressed the theme of alienation. Select one theorist and describe how she/he addresses the theme of alienation or estrangement in their writing. Ideology and ideological domination have been themes in our reading. Using one theorist as a starting point, assess the importance of ideology as a tool for understanding social life. Explain Merton’s Anomie Theory of Deviance. How useful is it for understanding how individuals and groups make decisions and pursue alternative courses of action? What needed to be updated? What does Bauman mean by Liquid Modernity? How does this concept relate to one other theorist we have studied this semester? How does the idea of performance of self relate to theorists in the feminist or symbolic interaction traditions? How credible and/or useful do you find these theories?

To write a statement to building owners from a real estate firm

  1. Briefly talk about our statement, our mission, our history (Company chosen was Ironfish Real Estate in Melbourne)
  2. how much we love properties, how much we love our developments such as a building in Melbourne
  3. Points to mention
    1. we listen and evaluate the options for our clients, we are market leaders
    2. During special general meeting, we proposed and volunteered to negoitate a deal in additional CCTV contribution which has been a lengthy process, lots of discussion etc
    3. We are happy to contribute $20,000 one off contribution to the CCTV installation as goodwill gesture, no additional fund would be allocated for future CCTV, or other upgrades to the building
    4. The building is professional and legally handed over from builders to the owners during settlement, any other upgrades or issues are to be handled by Owners corporation management
    5. Mention that there has been numerous misunderstandings and misinformation, being unfairly spread around about our company
    6. We want to make it clear that we have a great achievement and history in the industry, strong market profile and reputation which we will not tolerate any false accusation
    7. We have lots of love and duty of care which is why we are heavily involved in lots of owners corporation meeting and will attempt to be elected as committee members
    8. We are currently part of commitee groups in a number of projects
    9. This is our commitment of our company to our clients to show them that we are not just selling properties to them, we care about the buildings after that
    10. We have been actively involved in dealing with Owners corporation manager
    11. we have also been very successful in negotation with developers and builders
    12. The developers and builders usually would respect a commitee that consists of professionals like our company staffs more because they know that we live and breathe industry
  4. Please add in more stuffs to make the company look better


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