Geography homework help

Memo assignment (Use Memo template provided)
Watch the two videos below, after you collect observational data, you should identify planning related problems and provide solutions as a short memo (2 pages) using the “memo template” provided.
Video 1:
Video 2:

  1. When watching, look at the users on the road, human interactions, and how land is used adjacent to the street (or is it used at all?). Take note of your observational data.


  1. Identify at least one problem at the intersection.


  1. Then, using observational data, evaluate the alternative solutions to the problem(s) and propose at least one recommendation per problem in your memo.

Be sure to use the readings, lectures and other sources. If there are hurdles with any of your solutions, acknowledge them. You are not expected to solve a problem, just show that you understand how to analyze, think creatively, attempt to find solutions, and evaluate those solutions.
In addition to meeting the specifics in the Grading Rubric, your memo should include the following sections. You will be expected to use class readings and materials to inform your analysis and recommendations. Citations – footnote or in-text – are required, as appropriate.

  • Purpose: why are you doing this?


  • Background: who, what, where, and how?


  • Analysis: what did you observe? What do experts think or say about this issue? How are things linked? What are the alternatives available?


  • Recommendation(s): based on the analysis and alternatives, what’s the solution(s)?


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