Geology homework help

California State University, Fullerton
Department of Civil Engineering
EGCE 305
Homework 7
Please develop a general earthquake plan for a middle school in southern California based on the FEMA school safety document provided. The school was built in 1950s, is in an urban area, and is located in a liquefaction zone. The school has a gymnasium made of steel frame, 3 class room historic brick building (non-reinforced), administration building (old portable building), a large parking lot and a soccer/sports field.  There are 152 students in the school and it is located in a neighborhood that is multi-cultural.  The school has a controlled entrance and exit with fences surrounding the school.  In addition, the mayor has asked your school to become an emergency shelter location.  There are not public funds to build new buildings, only retrofit some of the buildings.
The plan should (at a minimum) consider the training for students, teachers and staff, and parents, discuss non-structural and structural elements of the school.

  • Develop a plan for before the earthquake
  • Develop a plan during the earthquake
  • Discuss the plan after the earthquake
  • Please discuss other factors that are specific to southern California that may impact the plan.

Please organize in bullet point format, but clear in full sentences and understandable, between 2 and 3 pages long.


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