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Choose one of the candidates and design a campaign to win the November general election. Write this assignment as a 3 page memorandum (memo) (with cited sources) from you, the campaign manager, to your candidate. Outline the race for them, how much money you think they need to raise, how you will raise it for them, what you propose to spend it on, what issues they should talk about, how you want to deliver their message, etc.
Here are the candidates:

Some things to keep in mind:

  • This election, for the first time, will not have an option for “straight party voting” – an option that previously allowed a voter to make one selection to automatically vote for all of a party’s candidates at once. Voters will now have to make a choice in each individual race. Will voters who are only showing up to vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden going to stick around for your client’s race, which is a long way down the ballot?
  • What sort of people live in your candidate’s district? What motivates them?
  • What is your candidate’s background and experience? What will be his key issues?
  • How much money will you need? How will you raise it? How will you spend it?
  • How will you get your message out? Be cautious about television. Remember – anybody who lives outside Precinct 3 can’t vote for or against your client. You’ll waste a lot of money if you use TV. Same with radio, although radio is a lot cheaper, so some candidates think it’s worth considering. If you use direct mail, you can mail only to people who are registered to vote.



Remember, this is a memo to your client, not an essay about your client. Talk to your client. Do not spend the first page telling them where they were born, where they went to college or how many kids they have – they know this already. Talk to them about your strategy to win the election for them.


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