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In the Foundations of Public Administration course, we discussed many concepts ranging from ethics to organizational behavior to public financial management.  For this Final Exam, read the attached case study.  Another Cheating Scandal Case-1.pdf (see attachment)
Address the following questions:
· Discuss the unethical activity.  Was there a failure in accountability?  Explain.
· What impact did the political and cultural environment have on the decisions of those involved in the wrongdoing throughout the Escambia County School system?
· What role did group dynamics play in the case study? (informal or formal groups)
· Discuss the role of leadership throughout the case study.  
· Discuss the failure in public personnel management, specifically addressing performance appraisal and pay for performance issues.
· Identify intergovernmental relations throughout the case study.  Did this have any impact on the wrongdoing that occurred?
· Discuss the importance of a program audit and evaluation in preventing and addressing the crisis at hand. 
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