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•Political Culture is one of the most important concepts we will discuss during the semester. To start this discussion, consider the following:
•Re-read the slides and the text about political culture, if needed.
Think about the following policy issues. •Pick the 3 you feel the strongest about. For each issue, determine if you agree and write down why or why not
1.The text states that most Texans (46%) say the State should help all students, not only “needy” ones.
2.Should the State legalize gambling and marijuana to increase state taxes and government income?
3.Should their be “a path to citizenship” for undocumented immigrants? What about their children?
4. Should gun control laws be stricter? Or should second Amendment rights be respected and protected?
5. Should capital punishment be abolished?
There are no right or wrong answers. There are answers that are more or less argued. Answers that use data and answers that are based on feelings. Most answers combine both.  Think about his as you craft yours.
Use at least 400 words for your entry.
2.2 (Links below and Attached)
Links to the Federal and State Constitutions and Bills of Rights are provided in the Handout Section. You can download them or read them online.
As you read through them, take notes and think about what they say about who we are, as Texan and as Americans. What do they say about what we think is important; what defines us as a Nation. What makes us different from other countries and Nations. What makes us different from other states and regions in the Unites States.

  • Look through the State and Federal Constitutions noting at least three similarities or differences between them.
  • Read the State and Federal Bill of Rights, noting at least three similarities or differences between them
  • Make an entry where you talk about the six similarities and/or differences that you noted and why you think they are important.
  • Use at least 400 words for your entry.


  • Based on what you read about the concept of political culture and your own beliefs, pick at least 5 issues you care about.
  • Discuss: Should government have a say in the following issues? If so, should it be state or federal government? 
  1. Segregation and/or Discrimination
  2. Welfare and Poverty
  3. Abortion
  4. Religion
  5. Immigration Policy
  6. Elections, Voter’s Rights and ID
  7. Affirmative Action
  8. Environmental Legislation
  9. Regulating Business
  10. Transportation Infrastructure (Highways, railroads,)
  11. Child and family protection
  12. Income taxes
  13. Disaster Relief/First Responders
  14. Health
  15. Education
  16. Security
  17. Border Control
  18. Prisons

Enter and defend your answers. Use at least 400 words for you entry
Go to the following link and Read: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/economy/2019/03/20/how-much-federal-funding-each-state-receives-government/39202299/

  • Make an entry where you review and compare at least 5 state budgets, including Texas. Based on what you know of how States use federal funds, talk about what you see and why you think your findings are important.
  • Use at least 400 words for your entry.


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