help Management homework help

help Management homework help.

You have read the chapters on résumé writing and interviewing in the textbook and now it’s time to apply it to that job you’ve always wanted. You have worked hard for this moment to happen, so take the extra time to ensure that your message is efficient and persuasive.
For this assignment you will need to locate an employment opportunity that you would actually consider submitting your application. To locate a potential job, look to the company sites, job search engines like ZipRecruiterMonster.comIndeed, or Since this is an exercise, you may select an employment opportunity that is not local, but you need to be qualified for it (on the assumption that you will complete your degree/certificate).
You will need to include a copy of the actual job posting, your resume, and a cover letter that has been designed specifically for this position. Return to the textbook for advice, direction, and templates that you can use for these messages. Remember that the intent of these two messages is to convince the potential employer of the value you would bring the company, but that both messages are intended to not get you the job, but get you the interview where you can sell yourself in person. Pay close attention to using the AIDA Method in your cover letter – you are selling yourself!
When you go to submit the tasks, attach the cover letter and resume like you normally would, but then either add the URL link at the bottom of the cover letter or in the comment section of the assignment.
i have attached sample which one you choose to write
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help Management homework help


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