History homework help

History homework help. Personal, first-hand accounts of disasters provide us with the most poignant information about what disaster is like as it happens, and how people rebuild in the aftermath. After reading Not Just the Levees Broke by Phyllis Montana-Leblanc, you will write a paper assessing how course themes are present through her personal narrative of surviving Hurricane Katrina and coming back to New Orleans. Your paper should cover the following criteria:
One paragraph overview of the book with a thesis statement that accurately defines what you will discuss throughout the paper.
10 points
Representation of Vulnerability
This section will analyze how vulnerability was presented in the book based on gender, race, class, and ability. All topics should be covered in depth. For example, did gender roles matter during and after Katrina? How were traditional roles adhered to, or broken, during this time? What gendered factors increased vulnerability for the author? What racial factors increased vulnerability, and how were these depicted in her narrative? What were the messages about class and ability, and how did that affect survival? (These are just examples of questions that could be explored, but are no means exhaustive.)
40 points
Resilience and Rebuilding
How did the author display resilience both during Katrina and in the aftermath? How did these resilience factors play a role in her survival, and her ability to rebuild? How was her resilience tested throughout the narrative?
25 points
A one paragraph summary to wrap up that states what needs to be done moving forward after what you’ve learned from the author’s account.
10 points
Formatting and Style
Paper should be in APA format, with a minimum of 5 pages, doubled spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, 1″ margins. Reference page not required–but use APA guidelines for in-text citations. Title page and/or header not needed.
Paper should contain no spelling or grammatical errors, using complete sentences and paragraph structure.
15 points

History homework help


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