History homework help

History homework help.  

  1. Movie Review: 3-4 Page Summary For this assignment, students will choose one movie from the course syllabus. Students are required to write a maximum 4page research paper on any movie from the list below.

In your review, be sure to address the question: Do we all have equal chance for health? In addition, be sure to address some topics covered in the movies, but not limited to: health issues, social determinants of health, health services, effects of colonization and any other topics covered in class.
The required length for this assignment is maximum 4 pages, doublespaced, typed – font: Times New Romans.
Students should be able to tie some of the topics and issues in this video to the ones that are faced by Indigenous peoples of Canada.
The following four points must be included in your movie review: A brief introduction and / your idea of perspective on main ideas, summary of the key points in the text, 2 critical questions you still have, 2 Nuggets (something you really want the class about the text), and detailed conclusion. (3-4 pages double-spaced, font 12 size).

Movie Titles Movie Links
Colonization Road
Don’t Get Sick After June
Don’t get sick after June: American Indian Healthcare. |  https://uregina.kanopy.com/video/don-­‐t-­‐get-­‐sick-­‐after-­‐june-­american-­‐indian-­‐healthcare
Dawn. http://www.nfb.ca/film/finding_dawn/
Gift of Diabetes http://www.nfb.ca/film/gift_of_diabetes/


Movie Review: 3-4 Page Summary     
Criteria Description  
Introduction Your  idea of perspective on main ideas, summary of the key points in the text. Precise introduction of the text, the author/authors name/s, year of publication and reading week identified  
3 Things Learned
Clearly stated / described what has been learned.  Clear connections are made with main idea  
2 Critical Questions Well thought-out openended questions that  
  considers critical reasoning  
Conclusion Brings everything together. Clearly summarizes key points.  
Grammar and References Well-written review with no sentence or spelling errors. Punctuations are applied appropriately. Follows APA guideline thoroughly.  


History homework help


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