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 For this week, we are turning our attention to the criminal justice system. As we all have witnessed (and perhaps also participated in!), the protests against racist policing practices in America have consistently called for a restructuring of the entire criminal justice system. To that end, Black Lives Matter have written legislation called The Breathe Act and are encouraging Congress and the Senate to vote on it as soon as possible. Here’s a link to the act: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/2008_email_blm_breathe/?source=em20_200923_breonnataylor&link_id=4&can_id=de83193399f97ee16f6fb7911ab10864&email_referrer=email_933671&email_subject=our-justice-system-failed-breonna-taylor. After reading over their points, let’s address this question: in your opinion, would passage of The Breathe Act redress the racism inherent in our criminal justice system?


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